TrueBlue Consulting is a private investigation and security consulting firm based in New York. We specialize in providing professional security services to businesses, public & private schools, organizations, and high net-worth individuals. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to helping our clients mitigate threats and ensure the safety of their assets.

We also consult on armed or unarmed security services for businesses, schools, organizations or high net-worth individuals who require additional protection. Our strategic alliances with local and major regional security companies allow us to provide reliable protection services that meet our clients’ specific needs.

At TrueBlue Consulting, we understand the importance of protecting your assets from potential threats. That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality security services available. With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured that your assets will be safe and secure.

Our Security Consulting Services

  • Physical On-Site Threat Assessment Services
  • Emergency Management Planning – Prevent/Implement/Recovery
  • Cybersecurity Threat Assessment Services
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Liaison to Local and Federal Law Enforcement Services
  • Executive Protection Consulting Services
  • TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) “Bug Sweeps”
  • CCTV and Video Surveillance Services
  • Security Consulting Services for Special Events
  • On-Set Police Technical Advisory Services for TV and Movie Productions

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